Please note that some of our coaches are currently waitlisted. We kindly ask that you give us 1-2 business days to respond to your request

train with the best in the bay

We're very clear with ourselves about one thing: there are a lot of gyms out there. That's why at our studio every single workout is carefully designed around you, your body and your goals. With high-level correction and coaching aimed to improve your form, strength, stamina, posture and breathing, you will learn the science of working out and feel confident every time you walk into a gym

Our team is composed of career trainers. Make no mistake: this is no part-time gig or summer job. Our Certified coaches each have years of experience and have trained thousands of sessions. Our coaches are independent, which means they run their own businesses and have their own unique session rates and schedules. The average session at StudioFlex is 30-minutes in length so scheduling your workout is always easy and stress-free. Our rates range from $70-125 per session depending on the coach and your training frequency