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We're very clear with ourselves about one thing: there are a lot of gyms out there. That's why at our studio every single workout is carefully designed around you, your body and your goals. With correction and coaching aimed to improve your form, strength, stamina, posture and breathing, you will learn the science of working out and feel confident every time you walk into a gym. We'll push you, in many ways harder than you've been pushed before, but we'll take care of you and when you walk out our front doors drenched in sweat, breathing hard and knowing that your coach truly cares about you and your progress — you'll be ready for your next workout 

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StudioFlex offers a diverse selection of educated and experienced independent trainers who provide award-winning coaching by consistently delivering outstanding and unmatched energy, enthusiasm and the upmost professionalism. Our staff is composed of career trainers each with years or decades of experience and will bring his or her own unique training style, education and fitness background to the table. Your trainer will customize each workout around you and your goals



Private sessions are 30 minutes in length so fitting your workout into your day is easy and stress-free. Partner and small-group trainings (2-3 per group) are also available at the discretion of the trainer. Session prices range from $65-120 per session based on the trainer and the package you purchase, with $75 being our average rate per session. Our coaches usually offer 6 and 12-week programs. Our annual membership is $200 per year or $20/mo, paid up-front at the time of purchase. Your coach will design the perfect fitness program for you based around your body, your needs and your goals