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We're very clear with ourselves about one thing: there are a lot of gyms out there. That's why at our studio every single workout is carefully designed around you, your body and your goals. With correction and coaching aimed to improve your form, posture and breathing, you will learn the science of working out and feel confident every time you walk into a gym. We'll push you, in many ways harder than you've been pushed before, but we'll take care of you and when you walk out our front doors drenched in sweat, breathing hard and knowing that your coach truly cares about you and your progress — you'll be ready for your next workout 

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your own personal coach

StudioFlex offers a diverse selection of educated and experienced independent trainers who provide award-winning coaching by consistently delivering outstanding and unmatched energy, enthusiasm and the upmost professionalism. Our staff is composed of career trainers, meaning this is no "summer job". With years and even decades of experience, each trainer brings their own unique training style, education and fitness background to the table. Your trainer will customize each workout around you and your goals. We're in this together


Private sessions are 30 minutes in length so fitting your workout into your day is easy and stress-free. Partner and small-group trainings are also available at the discretion of the trainer. Session prices range from $65-85 per session based on the trainer and the package you purchase. Our coaches generally offer 6 and 12-week programs. Our annual membership is $150 per year, paid up-front at the time of purchase. Your coach will design the perfect fitness program for you based around your body, your needs and your goals 


online training

For many, in-person training is the best and most effective option when it comes to getting results. However for those who know the basics and are looking for more accountability and an equally effective and perhaps more cost-effective approach, then online training is right for you



All of our training programs, workouts and techniques are created by Certified Personal Trainers and designed to get results. Each program incorporates specific phasing, carefully progressing you through Stabilization, Strength and Power training

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Having trouble staying on track? Your coach will fix that. Through intelligent, detailed planning and proper execution you will be 100% on track. Our programs never overly-restrict, rather they utilize proven science and support a balanced, healthy lifestyle


All of our online coaches are career trainers. Fitness is not only our livelihood, but our passion. Your coach is your personal resource throughout your training, meaning he or she will always be by your side to support you, advise you and answer your questions


Our coaches are more than coaches. Work with one of our Certified trainers for four, eight or twelve weeks and be setup for total success. What makes us different? That's simple: through texting, calls and FaceTime, your coach will check-in with you weekly regarding your program and your progress to ensure that you're 100% on track to reach your goals. Beginning this Summer, our coaches will even grocery shop for you using Amazon's Prime Now to order you trainer-approved lean meats, healthy fats and wholesome carbohydrates*. Our highly-intensive, customized training routines are efficient and extremely effective for any athlete, and most importantly your progress will be carefully measured by your coach through photos, measurements and check-ins. For serious athletes, your lifting program will be monitored by your coach via Google Drive and your maximal lifts and progressions will be tracked by your coach*. Our programs are hand-tailored to you to fit your body, your ability level and your goals

Through June 13th, we will give you an automatic 10% OFF your order when you sign up for 3 months of online coaching. Just use code "JUMPSTART"

* Services like grocery-ordering with Amazon Prime Now and specific workout-phasing/maximal lift tracking via Google Drive is only available with a purchase of 12 weeks