Have you hit a plateau with your training? Do you feel like you could use more guidance and support with your workouts? Do you want more structure and accountability when it comes to your diet and routine? Then online coaching is right for you. Kyle Gee is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Expert and the owner of the boutique fitness studio StudioFlex. Kyle's programs utilize proven science to get real results.



Whether you're training to become leaner, stronger, healthier or all of the above, our programs will progressively push you to get better by never staying the same



Through intelligent, detailed planning and proper execution you will be 100% on track. Our programs utilize proven science and support a balanced, healthy lifestyle

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 Astrid Vuong: 11 Months,  72lbs  Lost

Astrid Vuong: 11 Months, 72lbs Lost

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Your coach is your personal resource throughout your training, meaning he or she will always be by your side to support you, advise you and answer your questions


Our coaches are career trainers, meaning fitness is our absolute passion. Work with one of our Certified trainers for four, eight or twelve weeks and be setup for total success. What makes us different? That's simple: through texting, calls and FaceTime, your coach will check-in with you weekly regarding your program and your progress to ensure that you're 100% on track to reach your goals. Our highly-intensive, customized training routines are efficient and extremely effective for any athlete, and most importantly your progress will be carefully measured by your coach through photos, measurements and check-ins. Our programs are designed by Certified Personal Trainers and are hand-tailored to you to fit your body, your ability level and your goals