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“I was once almost 300 pounds and over 42% body fat. I have not always been fit, and I truly understand the mental and emotional toll that being overweight or obese plays on you. Six years ago I was deeply insecure with the way that I looked, and I wouldn’t wear the clothes I wanted to out of fear of being judged. I never took my shirt off or went to the beach with friends because I was scared. Fitness didn’t give me a number on the scale. Fitness gave my life. Fitness gave me the ability to come out as gay to my family. Fitness gave me the ability to open an award-winning fitness studio at the age of 21 where I now have four coaches. Fitness has given me everything, and for that reason I am very clear with prospective clients about one thing: online coaching is not a “hands-off” approach to your training. I will FaceTime or call you every single week to talk to you, get to know you better and answer any questions you have about your program. I will also gauge your progress and make alterations to your program if needed to ensure you are 100% on track to reach your goals. When you’re with me, we are a team. I am looking for clients who have the hunger that I had when I lost 100lbs — because I cannot do the work for you. I am your tool to achieve success. I am your coach, your mentor and your biggest supporter. Now let’s get to work”

-Kyle Gee

Success Stories

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Astrid Vuong

16 Months, 72lbs DOWN, 25% BF DOWN


Chadd Binney

5 Weeks, 25lbs DOWN, 10% BF DOWN


Steven Phan

4 Months, 25lbs DOWN, 12% BF DOWN


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