The Best

The Bay Area's Most Elite Fitness Performance Facility


Our trainers will take you through a full body assessment including testing for functional and structural imbalances, postural deviations, muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination. Based on this assessment, as well as your goals and health history, your trainer will design an individualized workout program for you that will achieve results.

The Studio

StudioFlex's unparalleled 2000SF facility offers three unique and dynamic training environments, it is the Bay Area's most elite fitness performance studio, and is a true leader in its industry for independent trainers.


StudioFlex has an amazing team of hand-selected independent trainers, each with their own backgrounds and styles. StudioFlex promotes a friendly and inclusive environment that allows trainers to truly be themselves and focus on their businesses. We don't just want you to succeed. We want you to thrive.

Private, Comfortable & Results-Driven


StudioFlex's upscale, sophisticated and private atmosphere is perfectly designed for one-on-one and small-group fitness training.