Training independently is the pinnacle of any personal trainer’s career. It’s an incredible time and the studio you’re at matters. StudioFlex is an appointment-only boutique fitness studio with 2,000 SF of usable training space, composed of two separate training floors. Each area offers diverse equipment to meet any client’s needs. Most studios and gyms charge a trainer per client, and although this system benefits the gym, it actually hurts the trainer. As their business grows so does the cost of doing business. At StudioFlex, we offer fixed monthly rental rates so you can focus on what you love: training. Are you interested in training your clients at our studio? Our process is simple and straight-forward.

1-5 clients Per Week: $300/mo

5-10 clients Per Week: $550/mo

10-15 CLIENTS Per Week: $650/mo

15+ (UNLIMITED USAGE): $800/mo

Liability Insurance Required. Unlimited usage will include your very own key to the studio, your name on the building, as well as personalized business cards. There are no contracts or monthly minimums. you are free to stop training at any time

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We are currently experiencing a 3-5 week waitlist for interviews. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

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